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I am married, authentically. I have been blessed by God with beautiful children created through His design, a blessed union between husband and wife. I have been exposed to Jesus' own church since I was a youth and have embraced it wholeheartedly as an adult. Some, who don't get it, think it is required to "shop around" in order to claim there is something intellectual about one's religious convictions. I think there is nothing less intellectual than searching for something you already have.

I love my country. I love the freedoms we have as American citizens and I am eternally grateful to the men and women who have given their lives so that we may live ours as we wish to.

I registered as a Democrat in my youth and, as wisdom grows with age, unregistered this year; took too long but, better late than never. In my college days I was more liberal than I am now. Let's say I have seen much and grown a great deal. Although to give myself some credit, I think liberals today are far more radical than they used to be. I do not claim to be a Republican, although many of my conservative ideals do resonate with that party. I've been referred to as a conservative democrat, but I suppose what I really am is an "conservative independent". I think more and more people are realizing that neither of the two prominent political parties is doing its job representing the people. They are far too busy representing themselves. Being centrist and conservative grants me few friends but those I have are the cream of the crop. Some also think independents are easily influenced. I say, if that were so, they wouldn't call us "independent". ;)

Edit: And apparently, I am also "THE MOB"

Intriguing Quotes:

"I think there is one higher office than president and I would call that patriot."
- Gary Hart

"No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?"
- George Orwell, Animal Farm

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one!"
- Alexander Hamilton

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
- George Orwell

"I am kind. Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel.
- Obama Xerxes

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